Angry Birds teach parabolas!

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I tried out the popular game Angry Birds the other day, and began thinking, "What excuse can I have to play this more?"

Using it in a lesson, perhaps? An Angry Birds Math Lesson!

To motivate the study of quadratic functions (usually an Algebra I topic), let's start with this video:

Next, students should realize we need some measurements:

Solve a system using substitution and voila - we know where the bird will land.  This last part will take some guidance, so here's a handout.

You may want to import the basic image into Geogebra (click the little arrow on the Slider Tool to show a drop-down menu) and have your students play with it first.

Don't watch the results until you've tried it out!

In this package you'll find:

  • Both HD videos

  • Handout

  • Images (with and without parabola)

  • Worked solution

Let me know if you students like having Angry Birds teach math!


  1. I love this! My 8th grade algebra teachers were looking for ways to make parabolas more exciting, this is the ticket! we created a powerpoint, and for the students activity, they are creating a jumping water fountain! :)


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