Math is beautiful

The World of Mathematics” by Mathigon is a free online eBook that explores a diverse array of math ideas in an accessible and visually engaging way.  Taking advantage of the digital medium, Mathigon contains fun interactive components in each of its 30 sections, many of which are still in development. 


I enjoyed the Symmetry and Groups page, which did a nice job of making the idea of group theory comprehensible.  Similarly, the Fractal page did a nice job showing what the Mandelbrot set actually is.

mandelbrot explanation


  1. I'm doing a blog about the Mandelbrot set accompanying an ebook (coming soon) designed for school-level readers - it'll take you from basic arithmetic, through the idea of iteration, give a very gentle introduction to complex numbers, and hold your hand through coding your own Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

    Comments welcome on both the blog and the ebook (published soon) - the aim is to maximise understanding and I believe anyone with school maths can do it.


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